42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Is any part of this space secured/securable (e.g., as mandated by the federal government when
working with certain datasets)? N=23
Yes 16 70%
No 7 30%
Funding Sources
17. What is the source of funding for digital humanities projects? Check all that apply. N=48
Library operating budget 43 90%
Grants 38 79%
Library IT budget 30 63%
Academic departments 24 50%
Special one-time funds 24 50%
Endowments 14 29%
Central operating budget 5 10%
Central IT budget 4 8%
Other source of funding, please describe 7 15%
At some points university IT funds, special one-time funds, grants, and endowments may be pursued for such projects.
Capital campaign gift funded the construction and initial technology, along with a one-time payment for the raised floor
from the Office of Information Technology.
College of Liberal Arts budget and the Hall Center for the Humanities are equal funding partners with the libraries.
Multi-institutional partnerships.
Sponsorships, donations.
This applies to a combination of libraries around the university.
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