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University of Miami
Proposal for Digital Initiatives
University of Miami Libraries -Proposal for New Digital Initiatives Digital Initiatives Team 8/11/06 2
11. For projects with a digitization component, please provide the following information:
How many items will be digitized?
What format is the content currently in?
What is the desired output format?
Have the materials been cataloged or inventoried in any way?
o (If yes, please provide inventory list as attachment)
What condition are the materials in?
12. What is the intellectual property status of project content? Who is the rightful copyright
13. What is the proposed timeline for this project?
14. How does this project support the teaching, learning, and research goals of the
University of Miami?
15. If available, please provide the following:
Samples of project-related content
A current CV
Letters of support from relevant departmental representatives, administrators, or scholars
Return this completed form to:
Kyle Rimkus
Digital Projects Librarian
University of Miami Libraries
Otto G. Richter Library
1300 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 284 -6221
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