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Scholarly Communication and Digital Services | Our Mission
Scholarly Communication and Digital Services at Georgia Tech Library
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About SCDS
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Scholarly Communication
Open Access
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Our Mission
To equip Georgia Tech (GT) faculty and students with the information and tools they need to
fully engage in today's evolving scholarly communication landscape.
To create educational opportunities and develop public programming to raise awareness
among faculty and students of author rights, open access, and of options and requirements
for ensuring the widest possible access to research.
To offer a suite of digital services that support GT faculty and students in creating,
communicating, and maintaining their intellectual output. The current suite of digital services
includes electronic publishing (journals and conference proceedings), lecture recording,
SMARTech preservation repository, copyright assistance, and metadata creation.
"ITID is the first and only MIT Press journal to be published as Open Access and our
collaboration with the Georgia Tech Library has been critical to the journal successfully
managing this new publication model. The Library's support and leadership is ensuring
that ITID will have more impact, a richer and more collaborative online environment,
and will be better able to serve a world-wide epistemic community. The entire ITID
team - including the editorial office, the MIT Press, and the Georgia Tech Library - will
together help define the future of scholarly publication.”
Dr. Michael Best
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the College of Computing
Co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Information Technologies and International
GT Library :: 704 Cherry Street :: Atlanta, GA 30332-0900 :: phone: (404) 894-4529 or 1-888-225-7804
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