SPEC Kit 326: Digital Humanities · 25
Primary Responsibility Reports to Comments
For small projects: Head of the DHC for
larger library projects: Director of the
Libraries’ Digital Program
Head of DHC reports to Director for
History and Humanities (who reports
to Associate University Librarian for
Collections &Services) Director of LDPD
reports to Deputy University Librarian
and Associate Vice President for Digital
Programs and Technology Services
CCNMTL and CDRS projects are overseen
by the directors of those two groups.
Services are not yet tightly coordinated,
so each group serving digital humanities
operates somewhat independently. We
plan for more coordination in the future
as we bring on new leadership for the
Humanities &History division.
Head of Digital Library Initiatives Senior Associate University Librarian
Head of Digital Library Services Deputy Director
Head of Digital Scholarship and Programs Deputy University Librarian
Head of Special Collections, Archives and
Digital Scholarship
Associate University Librarian for
Head, Desktop &Network Services AUL for LIT
Head, Digital Collections Associate University Librarian for Special
Head, Digital Humanities Center Associate Dean for Public Services
Head, Digital Initiatives Associate Dean of Libraries for Collection
&Technology Services
Head, Digital Publishing Group in the
Carolina Digital Library and Archives
Head, Carolina Digital Library and
The Carolina Digital Library and Archives
(CDLA) is the unit within the UNC Library
that is charged with primary outward-
facing support for digital humanities
work. The Library Systems department
provides core infrastructure for these
initiatives, and since early 2010, oversees
any local development (programming)
work. However, many others throughout
the library provide support for digital
humanities work as well. Also, the
CDLA, Library Systems, and the library in
general collaborate on digital projects in
disciplines other than the humanities.
Head, Digital Scholarship Lab Associate Director for Research and
Learning Services
Head, Research Enterprise and Scholarly
Associate University Librarian
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