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We host linguistic corpora that require ongoing server maintenance and ad hoc technical troubleshooting. Around this
dataset we have co-hosted various events requiring various staff involvement, including PR. Other efforts include text
markup, course design, and data management, each of which typically engage the Digital Information Division.
We typically launch pilot projects with the collaboration of multiple people across several departments, and use these
to develop grant proposals for more ambitious DH endeavors. A seed project typically involves participants from the
Department of Digital Scholarship and Programs, Cataloging and Metadata Services, Web and Emerging Technologies,
and our special collections units.
We usually create a team of relevant experts that could include people from Preservation (includes our digitization
unit), Metadata/Cataloging Services, Special Collections or Subject Bibliographers, and Library IT staff. Typically the
team will persist throughout the project unless some staff are only needed on an ad hoc consulting basis. We may work
with Campus IT or Divisional IT staff as well, so roles are defined at the beginning of the project depending on what is
5. What is the title of the position that has primary responsibility for managing/coordinating these
6. To whom does this person report?
Primary Responsibility Reports to Comments
A group: Director, Centre for Scholarly
Communication, Director, Centre for Arts
and Culture, Technology Officer, TFDL
Vice Provost, Libraries and Cultural
Again, these are ad hoc, typically
involving Associate Dean.
Dean of Libraries To date our efforts here have been ad hoc
and opportunistic.
Associate Dean for Library Technology Dean
Associate Librarian Dean of Libraries No single person in charge. Team
approach. A given project may fall more
in one Associate Librarian’s areas than
Associate Librarian for Digital Services
and Co-director for the Institute for
Digital Research in the Humanities.
Assistant Dean, Collections and Scholar
There is also a faculty co-director who
reports to the Chair of Anthropology in
the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Associate University Librarian for Digital
Initiatives and Open Access
University Librarian Again, the AUL for DIOA does not have
formal responsibility for this. But if a
humanities scholar is thinking about a
digital project, that’s who will probably
do the initial consult with the scholar.
Associate University Librarian for Digital
Library Systems
University Librarian
Co-Director, Digital Library Development
Library Director
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