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Technology and Design N=47
Website development 40 85%
Data conversion 35 75%
Software coding and  development 34 72%
Graphic design 31 66%
Usability testing 25 53%
Text encoding 24 51%
Hardware and software  procurement 22 47%
AV editing 19 40%
Other activity, please describe 15 32%
Any and all of these services are available dependent on project and partnership agreements (cost-recovery, for a fee,
part of a grant, etc.)
Copyright, digitization, metadata, publishing.
Current work is all done in connection with the UF Digital Collections and the Digital Library of the Caribbean. Work not
connected is outside of the scope of support from the current staff.
Discovery interface.
Education in theory and practical use/application.
Metadata analysis and development.
Metadata creation, digitization.
Once again, in their fullest sense, at least, these would normally apply only for full-fledged LDPD, CCNMTL, or CDRS
projects. DHC projects might involve some small level of programming, but would instead tend to rely on preexisting
software tools.
Open source software installation, configuration, and XML markup.
Our new research commons, which includes digital humanities lab space and a library sandbox, may help us to add
to/refine this list of services. Most of our previous technology and design work would have been done within or in
partnership with the Digital Library Program.
Provision of server space (on servers we already own); installation and maintenance of free, open-source software such
as WordPress, Omeka, Archon.
Referral to services outside the Libraries for services not provided.
Software development where DLP infrastructure is concerned. Text encoding consultation.
The Libraries are prepared to provide these services as we are able.
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