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Welcome to the Knowledge Bank
The Knowledge Bank is a collaborative service of the Ohio State University Libraries
and the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Faculty, staff and graduate students
associated with the Ohio State University are invited to deposit digital materials for
long-term preservation and world-wide electronic accessibility.
OSU communities are invited to use the Knowledge Bank to distribute their intellectual
output. Examples of communities are academic departments, administrative units,
programs, and interdisciplinary centers. Types of content include working papers, post
prints, annual reports, technical reports, proceedings of conferences, senior honors
theses, digital stories, interviews, videos, images, books, newsletters and journals.
For more information about the Knowledge Bank, please visit the Knowledge Bank
Center website. For assistance in depositing documents or for more information
regarding the Knowledge Bank, send an email to libkbhelp@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu or
call the Libraries at 614-292-6151 and ask for Knowledge Bank support.
To learn more about the Knowledge Bank, please see this video:
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The History of the Jamestown Colony:
Seventeenth-Century and Modern
Engine Modeling of an Internal
Combustion Engine with Twin
Independent Cam Phasing
The Effect of Salinity on Seed
Germination and Seedling Growth of
Echinochloa crusgalli
Some Engineering Applications of the
Buckingham Pi Theorem
Bishop Vasilije of Tuzla
Ohio Journal of Science
The official publication of the Ohio
Academy of Science, the Ohio
Journal of Science publishes peer-
reviewed, refereed papers
contributing original knowledge to
science, engineering, technology,
education, and other applications.
Over 100 years of the journal are
available in the Knowledge Bank.
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