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Digital Library Fellows: Request for Proposals
Digital Library Fellows:
Request for Proposals
Fellows are expected to work closely with the Libraries in developing a detailed timetable and plan of
work in order to ensure successful completion of their projects, and to develop a presence on the Libraries
Digital Initiatives website [http://merrick.library.miami.edu/].
Intellectual Property Rights
Working with Legacy Materials. Digital Fellowship applicants must ensure that they hold valid rights
to publish the materials in their proposals in an open access on-line format. In practice, this means that
Fellows work with materials in the public domain, own copyright to the materials in question, or allocate
funds to purchase permission from the respective copyright holder to publish the materials online. For more
information on the University of Miami Digital Initiatives copyright policy, visit the Copyright Guidelines
[http://merrick.library.miami.edu/digitalprojects/copyright.html] page on our website.
Creating new Intellectual Content. Intellectual property rights for content produced during Digital
Fellowships, including digital files, software, hardware, or other innovations, are governed by the policies
outlined in the "Patent and Copyright" section of the UM Faculty Manual [http://www6.miami.edu/UMH/
CDA/UMH_Main/0,1770,2460-1 2998-3,00.html].
Previous Recipients
Past Digital Fellows have included:
Robin Bachin, Associate Professor of History, who created a digital archive and contextual narrative
that examined the variety of elements that have shaped Travel, Tourism, and Urban Growth in Greater
Miami [http://scholar.library.miami.edu/miamidigital/].
Kim Grinfeder, an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, who developed a rotational
object video prototype that captures movement of three-dimensional objects from a 360 degree angle.
Lillian Manzor, Associate Professor of Spanish, who developed and launched the Cuban/Latino Theater
Archive [http://scholar.library.miami.edu/archivoteatral/], an interactive, multimedia, bilingual web
resource for the study and research of Cuban theater and performing arts.
Important Dates
The deadline for the submission of proposals is December 14, 2007.
Submit all applications, and address all questions to:
Kyle R. Rimkus
Librarian Assistant Professor
Digital Projects Librarian
University of Miami Libraries
Otto G. Richter Library
1300 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
email: kyle@miami.edu
tel: (305) 284 -6221
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