26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Primary Responsibility Reports to Comments
Head, Scholarly Communication and
Digital Services
Associate Dean We provide support for digital scholarship
to humanities researchers. The Scholarly
Communication and Digital Services
department provides lecture recording,
conference, journal, and repository
services that help researchers from
across campus produce, disseminate,
and maintain the digital products of their
creative endeavors.
Librarian for Digital Research and
Head of Collections, Research, and
Instructional Services (unit head under
the AUL for Academic Services)
Please note that we are just rolling out
this suite of services and are still figuring
out the staffing needs. The number of
staff involved in a single project can
range from quick reference questions to
intensive subject expertise, programming,
and metadata support.
Manager, Instructional Support Services Associate Dean for Support Services
Metadata Librarian Head of the Scholarly Resources
Integration Department
N/A N/A Although there is significant ad hoc
Digital Humanities activity in the library,
there is no centralized approach to Digital
Scholarship as an object of study in itself.
AULs for Publishing and Library IT are
ultimately the hierarchical leaders for
most DH work, but such work is seldom
imagined strictly in terms of Digital
Humanities (especially inasmuch as the
term is viewed as nebulous, or a moving
No one position
No position currently exists.
Subject Librarian Department Head of Information Services
There is no primary position.
Varies by project/program Distributed, at the moment, to some
Responsibility is shared across library
departments including collections, rare
books &manuscripts, and IT.
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