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Scholars' Lab -About Us
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About Us
eArching for the reAl ScholArS’ lAb home pAge ,with info AboUt
our digital resources, rooms and equipment, and consultative services? Find it
on the UVA Library website.
About this blog
The Scholars’ Lab was established in 2006 at UVA Library as a site for
innovation in the humanities and social sciences. The idea was to combine the
resources and expertise of the Library’s successful Electronic Text (Etext) and
Geospatial and Statistical Data (GeoStat) centers with that of UVA’s Research
Computing Support Group in a physical space that promotes collaboration and
experimentation. Now we’re extending the conversations that happen in our
offices and in the Lab to a wider forum.
This blog will trace the activities of our Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities
and staff, in collaboration with scholars from a variety of disciplines and fields.
Over the coming months, we’ll be inviting our Fellows, grad student consultants,
Scholars’ Lab faculty and staff, visiting scholars, and UVA collaborators to
share this blog and make it their own.
Digital research and Scholarship at UVA library
The Scholars’ Lab caters to the research, digitization, and online editing needs
of faculty and students in the humanities and social sciences. Staffed with
friendly, expert consultants from UVA Library’s Digital Research and
Scholarship department and ITC’s Research Computing Support Group, the
Scholars’ Lab is the perfect place to take your digital humanities scholarship and
social science research to the next level. UVA Library also plays host to IATH,
The Scholars’ Lab has two sister spaces which (together with the Digital
Curation Services department) make up the Library’s network of support for
digital research, scholarship, and production. These are the Research
Computing Lab in Brown Science and Engineering Library and the Digital Media
Lab in the Robertson Media Center of Clemons Library.
collaborate, iterate, Discuss
If you just can’t get enough of the SLab, please come and visit our bright, airy
space on the 4th floor of Alderman Library! The Scholars’ Lab was designed for
both collaborative and solo work, with room for small, collaborative groups and
larger classes. We regularly host events such as talks, workshops, and brown-
bag lunches on topics of interest in humanities computing and social science
research. Our regular “Digital Therapy” luncheons are a fun opportunity to meet
like-minded folks and hear more about our graduate fellowships in digital
humanities. Drop by or us send us a message! We’re eager to partner with you
on projects large and small.
Here we trace works in progress
and research interests of faculty,
staff, student consultants, and
graduate fellows affiliated with
the Scholars' Lab at the
University of Virginia Library.
Needless to say, their opinions
are their own. The real Scholars'
Lab home page is elsewhere.
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Digital Humanities
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Visualization and Data Mining
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