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North Carolina State University
NCSU Libraries Travel and Training Guidelines and Procedures
Training A subset of Administrative Travel for training in skills that
are directly related to an employee’s current position.
IT Training A subset of Training, to further information technology
Distance Learning Training and travel for Distance Learning initiatives and
Developmental Travel Travel that is beneficial but not critical to maintaining library
operations and that is integral to the Libraries’ strategic
directions. Meetings for staff members to gain new
knowledge, deliver papers and presentations, participate in
panels, manage workshops, or serve as organizational
officers, chairs, or committee members. The minimum for
reimbursement for exempt staff is $20 travel with expenses
less than $20 should be treated as Release Time Only. There
is no minimum reimbursement for non-exempt staff.
NC LIVE Training for NC LIVE staff and projects restricted to staff
paid from NC LIVE budget or working in an official capacity
for NC LIVE.
Regularly Assigned Duty Travel
Travel by those in positions whose regularly assigned duties
require travel, e.g., travel to evaluate collections for potential
donation, travel to deliver instruction to NCSU distance
learners, travel by NC LIVE staff to member libraries.
Employees in such positions should complete a blanket
authorization request at the beginning of each fiscal year.
See Appendix 3 for Guidelines
Release Time Only (RTO) This category applies to exempt staff only for work-related
travel that does not require the use of leave, but for which
there is no reimbursement of expenses.
III. Review and Approval of Travel Requests
The Libraries Travel Request Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted with
all required documentation in order for an employee to receive authorization to travel
(except for Regularly Assigned Duty travel). The requestor should submit the form at
least three (3) weeks before travel begins, to allow adequate time for the review process,
registration, and to ensure best airfares. Travel without prior approval through all levels
may make the employee personally liable for all costs associated with the travel.
In general, travel requests pass through the following review process: 1) department
head, 2) assistant/associate director for division, 3) Library Travel Committee (LTC)
(Developmental only) or AD responsible for funding source, and 4) Director of Libraries.
Reviewers should route requests promptly to assure that travelers can take advantage of
early registration, airfare, and lodging options.
Supervisors/administrators will review requests to determine the benefit of travel to the
Libraries and to the individual, and to consider the effect of travel on departmental
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