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Duke University
Travel and Staff Development Guidelines for Duke University Libraries
Created: 7/25/02
Last Revised: 11/14/08
Travel and Staff Development Guidelines for Duke University Libraries
The following statements reflect the Library’s continuing commitment to ensuring an equitable and
meaningful approach to funding staff travel and to make the best use of limited travel funding. Library
employees should take the initiative to seek out training and other opportunities to develop their job-related
knowledge and skills. Likewise, they should pursue levels of participation in activities that will enable them
to make contributions to the work of the Perkins Library System, the University, and relevant professional
organizations. These guidelines are intended to supplement, not replace, University policies governing
These travel guidelines apply to all staff (“all staff” refers to monthly and bi-weekly employees) of the
Library, including those working part-time, on term appointments, and on grant funding that includes
provisions for travel. Application may also be made for travel support for staff working on grants without
provisions for travel, through their department head and/or Executive Group member.
Category One applies when the Library requires staff to travel to conduct or in support of the direct business
of the Library.
This category of travel includes, but is not limited to:
Attendance as an official representative of the Library at meetings of associations and other
organizations in which the library holds an institutional membership
Attendance at meetings where an individual has been designated to officially represent the
Development/Fundraising: contact with outside funding agencies, meetings with donors,
Development of vendor relations: contract negotiations, demonstrations, etc.
Site visits
Training/Education required by the Library to acquire specific skills needed for essential
functions of the position
Acquisition of library materials or to arrange for such acquisition where normal means of
acquiring materials are not available
Other official Library business as defined by the University Librarian
Category Two applies when travel is undertaken at the initiative of the employee for the purposes of
participation in professional associations, staff development and training/education.
This category of travel includes, but is not limited to:
Conference participation: Defined as travel undertaken to present a paper or poster session,
participate in a panel discussion, chair or moderate a session, serve as elected/appointed
officer or committee member (or otherwise engaged in organization activities) of a
professional library or scholarly association
Travel by newly appointed staff: Defined as travel undertaken by a staff member with less
than three years of library experience, or experience in a new position, to attend a meeting
of a professional association
Conference attendance: Defined as travel to a conference or meeting to broaden a staff
member’s perspective, to keep current in his/her field and in the profession as a whole, and
to become involved in professional activities
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