SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 61
Librarians can be reimbursed up to $1,120 per year for professional development activities, including course fees or
books for internships.
No allocation formula. The amount would be based on the overall expenditures.
This is handled on a case-by-case and decision is made by library Cabinet (decision-making group).
We have not had any such internships taken in the past 10 years that I can think of, however I’m sure the organization
would consider some support depending on the specifics.
Part Registration, No Books, etc., Part Travel
These would require approval and be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Part Registration, No Books, etc., No Travel
75% of tuition &fees to a total of $600 per annum.
If the internship is part of college credit and the staff member must pay for the course, the university will reimburse
eligible staff 70% of the charge for tuition, up to an amount equal to 70% of what it would charge for similar level
coursework. If the internship is not part of paid tuition, we do not pay or reimburse.
No Registration, No Books, etc., No Travel
Library faculty do not routinely participate in internship programs.
Not aware of internship programs for professional staff.
Our librarians might pursue additional degrees but internships are not part of the program.
The Arizona Board of Regents provides reduced tuition for employees to attend classes at any of Arizona’s three
universities. The library does not provide additional assistance.
Unless an internship is part of a course of study, then the time would not be reimbursed by the library or through the
university’s tuition assistance program.
We’ve never had anyone participate in internship programs.
Other Response
Basically, if we request a librarian to attend training or an institute, e.g., Frye Institute, we would pay all of the allowable
expenses and the time away would be considered time worked. We have not had the experience of anyone in a job-
related internship.
I have left all of the above questions blank. To my knowledge there would no reason for our librarians to be participating
in internship programs. We sometimes have support staff who are in library school and they participate in internship
In my time here, I have not dealt with this.
Librarians are allocated funds for professional development. The funds are determined by the librarian’s rank. Either
response listed above is true depending on the decision of the librarians to use his or her funds to pay for registration,
books, etc. and travel.
No job-related internships associated with an academic degree have been requested by librarians in the event of such
a request, payment/reimbursement and details of the librarian’s time away from normal duties would be negotiated.
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