SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 49
Please explain the allocation method.
Full Registration
Librarians receive a tuition waiver for university courses. The faculty member must hold an appointment of twenty-
five percent or more of full time service. Librarians are allocated funds for professional development. The funds are
determined by the librarian’s rank. Either response listed above is true depending upon the decision of the librarians to
use his or her funds to pay for books.
Will pay for registration of courses that are job related and approved by approving official.
Full Registration, Full Books, etc.
Library Human Resources PD fund or branch/unit budgetary process, or at the discretion of the respective Assoc.
University Librarian or Professional Development Reimbursement Fund.
The library pays or reimburses librarians for costs related to college credit courses that are required by the supervisor
for job-related training, whether offered by the university or by another institution of higher education. For employees
employed half-time or more, the university provides a partial remission of fees for credit courses taken at any of the
university’s campuses therefore, the employee pays a reduced tuition rate and the library reimburses this amount. No
fees are charged by the university to an employee who registers for a course at the request of his/her supervisor for the
purpose of job training and who does not receive academic credit for the course.
Full Registration, Part Books, etc.
Books may be purchased from their professional development fund it all depends on how much is left from their
Normally registration is covered in full. Other expenses may or may not be reimbursed depends on cost and how closely
related course is to job duties.
Full Registration, No Books, etc
College credit courses that are taken here are fully reimbursed, but books, etc. are not. College credit courses taken at
other institutions are not reimbursed.
Tuition assistance is available for 6 course units tuition, general fee and technology fee per academic year.
A maximum of 2 course units are covered in both the Fall and Spring semesters and 2 units are covered during the
university’s 2 summer sessions. One course unit is equivalent to approximately 3 credit hours.
Tuition waiver applies.
University employees may use a course fee waiver to pay for university courses whether or not the courses related to the
individual’s professional responsibilities.
Part Registration
Considered on individual basis based on situation and relationship to job duties and/or library needs.
Part Registration, Part Books, etc.
Depends on budget, availability of funds.
Effective January 1, 2009, the following enhancements to the Employee Tuition Assistance Program will be implemented
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