48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The Library holds institutional memberships in several professional organizations.
The library will only allocate $1,100 for tenured librarians and $1,300 for non-tenured librarians. Librarians can apply for
additional monies there is a $500.00 cap on additional monies beyond the allocation that can be requested.
The union has a number of grants and so does the university.
This is strictly prohibited.
University policy does not allow reimbursement for personal professional memberships.
University policy does not permit payment for personal memberships in professional associations.
Untenured librarians and those presenting at conferences may apply for an additional professional development
We differentiate between travel mandated by the organization, which is reimbursed at 100%, from travel to attend
conference for personal professional growth, which is reimbursed on a sliding scale of 100% (present a paper), 75%
(participate on a committee), 50% (attendance). Training costs are reimbursed at 100%.
Job-related Education and Training
13. Does your library pay or reimburse librarians for registration, books, materials, and/or equipment
expenses for college credit courses that are job related? N=72
Books, etc.
Yes, the library pays/reimburses the full cost 16 7
Yes, the library pays/reimburses a part of the cost 19 8
No, the library does not pay or reimburse 37 51
Full Registration 2 3%
Full Registration, Full Books, etc. 6 8%
Full Registration, Part Books, etc. 2 3%
Full Registration, No Books, etc. 6 8%
Part Registration 3 4%
Part Registration, Part Books, etc. 6 8%
Part Registration, No Books, etc. 10 14%
No Registration 1 1%
No Registration, Full Books, etc. 1 1%
No Registration, No Books, etc. 35 49%
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