SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 51
Strictly speaking, the cost of registration is not paid by the library this is a university benefit for eligible staff and faculty.
The university covers 50% of the cost of registration as a benefit.
We reimburse at 0 to 100% tuition depending on the course and its relevance.
With special approval, a portion of tuition costs may be covered with the allocation described in question #7.
No Registration, Full Books, etc.
An endowed account has been established for any library employee pursuing an MLS. This account reimburses
employees for the cost of their books.
No Registration, No Books, etc.
Although the library does not pay/reimburse the cost for registration, the university does grant full waiver of tuition and
fees for undergraduate and graduate courses for all employees on pay status.
But, employees do receive tuition remission from the university for taking classes.
Librarians can attend courses at the university at no cost -this excludes professional programs such as Law and
The Arizona Board of Regents provides reduced tuition for employees to attend classes at any of Arizona’s three
universities. The library does not provide additional assistance.
The library does not augment the university tuition benefits.
The library does not, but it is possible to attend a 3 credit hour course each semester free of charge. The union pays
for it. It is also possible to take an additional 8 credit hours per semester at a reduced tuition rate. This reduction is a
university program.
The library may pay for registration based on the situation.
The university (not the Libraries) has a tuition waiver program for all permanent employees. The employee pays a
$5 processing fee per academic term. Employees are responsible for their own books, materials, and/or equipment
The University System has a tuition reimbursement program (TAP) that covers registration.
Tuition waiver is available for up to 6 credits per semester.
University allows librarians to enroll for up to 6 credit hours with no payment other than a technology fee that all
students pay. No payment for other expenses.
14. Must these job-related courses be taken at the home institution? N=56
Yes 13 23%
No 43 77%
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