142 · Representative Documents: Education/Tuition/Training Policies
University of Virginia
Professional Development Funding Policy
Revised 11-12-08
“Tuition Benefits Program Overview A core component of the Education Benefits Program is
tuition benefits, designed to provide Employees and their Schools and Departments with centrally-
provided financial support for employee education, vocational and professional development
opportunities, in accordance with State policy. Education Benefits may be used for academic degrees
or courses at UVA and other accredited institutions, and non-credit courses, certificates and licenses at
UVA and other education providers.
Schools and Departments may provide additional, departmentally-funded financial support for
employee education, vocational and professional development, in accordance with State policy, by
providing a PTAO that will be charged for the amount approved by the department.
While the Education Benefits program does provide funding for part-time employees the primary
purpose of the program is to support full-time employees who are part-time students. The program is
not intended to support the coursework of full-time students.”
I you have any questions about this policy contact UHR Benefits at 924-6954.
Library Tuition Benefits
*(This section is still under review in light of the University $2000 Education Benefit):
The Library will fund tuition reimbursements for a maximum of three classes per employee per year,
or a maximum of $3,000.00 per year per Library employee enrolled in a degree program depending
on availability of funds. This is funding above the $2000 Education Benefit provided by UHR.
Employees should discuss enrollment in a degree program with their supervisors and need to request
approval for the additional funding from their supervisor in order to ensure reimbursement. Once
approved, the enrollment form for the UVA Education Benefit must be completed.
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