SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 109
Brigham Young University
Faculty Leaves Policy: Professional Development Leave
Publication of scholarly or creative work or other exposure to an appropriately critical audience,
Attaining licensure, certifications, or an advanced degree recognized as the terminal degree in
the faculty member s discipline, or one which would bring enhanced competence to the faculty
member s assignment,
Opportunities for collaboration with scholars at other institutions or for consultation or
employment at agencies or institutions which would enhance the faculty member s professional
skills, stature, or productivity,
Opportunities for carrying out research or creative work at sites outside the university when this
contributes to the quality of the work.
Written justification for a Professional Development Leave should include:
A description of the leave opportunity and its potential contribution to the expertise or
productivity of the faculty member,
A description of the scholarly or pedagogical products likely to result from the leave,
A statement of likely benefits to the university, and
A detailed justification of any request for support funding.
Funding for Professional Development Leaves
University funding for Professional Development Leaves generally comes from budgeted funds
allocated by colleges and departments. Leaves may also be supported with non-budgeted funds
as appropriate.
Generally, a Professional Development Leave for one semester is funded by the university at full
salary. Professional Development Leaves for two semesters normally are funded at half salary.
Short-term Professional Development Leaves, including leaves during Spring and/or Summer
term, which do not take faculty members away from campus, may be approved by the
department chair and dean without submitting a formal Leave of Absence Application form.
Professional Development Leaves for which a faculty member s salary is funded by an outside
source should not also include salary funded by BYU. However, faculty may receive university
support in addition to that provided by outside sources for salaries, travel, relocation, or project
costs not funded by the outside source when such support will prevent financial loss to the
faculty member. Occasionally, an arrangement may be considered where the university and the
hiring institution share the cost of the salary for the faculty member. The university will make a
reasonable attempt within policy and available resources to facilitate Professional Development
Leaves judged to have merit. The object is to make the leave possible as an investment in the
faculty member s professional development and productivity. It is inappropriate for the
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