10 · Survey Results: Executive Summary
for intersession breaks. All but one of the 67 respond-
ing institutions reported offering designated holiday
leave. The most common response was ten days of
holiday leave per year (20 responses or 30%). Seventeen
respondents (25%) award seven to nine holidays. The
other 29 respondents (43%) award from 11 to a maxi-
mum of 19 holidays per year.
Intersession leave is much less common. Fifty-five
of the responding institutions (76%) offer no designat-
ed intersession leave. Fifteen of the 17 institutions that
do have intersession leave offer one to seven days in
addition to holidays. The other two institutions (who
did not report holiday leave) offer 4 or 12 intersession
days. These extra days fall predominantly during the
winter closure periods (Christmas to New Years day)
and not typically between other semesters.
Number of Days Range Mean Median
Holidays 0 19 10.7 10
Intersession Leave 0 12 1.0 0
Combined Holiday and
Intersession Leave
7 19 11.7 12
Leave Accrual
The survey asked whether the library had a Paid Time
Off (PTO) leave plan (that combines vacation, sick, and
personal leave into a single bank of days for employee
paid time off) or a leave plan with separate vacation
and/or personal leave and sick leave. It also asked
whether there is one accrual rate for leave or multiple
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Only two respondents (3%) reported having a Paid
Time Off (PTO) leave plan. One of these has one ac-
crual rate and the other has two. At the first institution
librarians are awarded 168 hours a year of combined
leave time. At the second institution librarians are
awarded 21 days of leave in their first year of employ-
ment and one additional day each year of employment
up to a maximum of 26 days.
Vacation and Sick Leave
The other 65 respondents (97%) reported having sepa-
rate leave plans for vacation and/or personal leave and
sick leave. For vacation leave, 48 respondents have one
accrual rate (74%) and 17 have multiple rates (26%). For
sick leave, 57 respondents have one accrual rate (89%)
and seven have multiple rates (11%).
One Accrual Rate
At the institutions with one accrual rate the number of
vacation/personal leave hours accrued annually rang-
es from 96 to 232 with a mean of 180.87 and a median
of 179. The most frequent responses were 192 hours (14
responses or 29%) and 176 hours (12 responses or 25%).
The number of sick leave hours accrued ranges
from 54 to 1056 with a mean of 189.44. The median,
96 hours, was also the most frequent response (23 or
Number of Days Range Mean Median
Vacation and/or
Personal Leave
96 232 108.87 179
Sick Leave 54 1056 189.44 96
Multiple Accrual Rates
At the institutions with multiple accrual rates the
number of rates for vacation/personal leave ranges
from 2 to 9 two or three rates are the most common.
For all but one respondent the criteria for each level
are years of employment. The other institution has
different rates for those with administrative and non-
administrative assignments. There is a great deal of
difference between the number of years of service
required for each level and the number of hours ac-
crued at each level. The table on page 24 provides the
detailed responses.
The number of rates for sick leave is smaller, rang-
ing from two to five. As with vacation leave, the cri-
teria for each level are mostly years of employment.
The table on page 25 provides the detailed responses.
Number of Ranges Range Mean Median
Vacation and/or
Personal Leave
2 9 4.4 3
Sick Leave 2 5 3.6 4
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