124 · Representative Documents: Professional Development/Sabbatical/Short Leave Policies
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Professional Development Leave
Professional Development Leave
September 1991
University Libraries
Professional Development Leave is made available for */_all library
staff members_/* who desire to enhance their professional status through
scholarly pursuits, either by publication or through participation at
professional meetings and con ferences. Although it is anticipated that
staff members will also use their personal time for preparation,
pressures of time and the scope of individual projects will often
require the use of library work hours.
Professional Development Leave is defined as time required to complete
work on one or more of the following:
1. A formal book-paper-article, chapter in a book--to be submitted
for publication.
2. A formal presentation at a library related state, regional, or
national conference.
3. Preparations involved with a committee assignment at a library
related state, regional, or national conference.
For each staff member, a maximum of 10 days (80 hours) is made available
each fiscal year. The time may be taken in blocks of not less than 2
hours and must be pre-arranged with the staff member's immediate
supervisor and Department Chair, and be approve d by the Associate Dean
for Administration.
The granting of Professional Development Leave assumes a responsibility
on the part of the staff member for the completion of the particular
project. Evidence of completion must be submitted to the Associate Dean
for Administration by an agreed upon date .Failure to provide such
evidence will influence the granting of any future requests for
Professional Development Leave from that staff member.
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