104 · Representative Documents: Travel Policies
Northwestern University
Travel Policy
Travel Policy
General guidelines
Categories of travel:
Professional involvement by exempt staff is important to the Northwestern University Library. Attendance at and
participation in professional meetings is recognized as beneficial to the Library organization and to the University as
a whole. Making contributions to the field of librarianship and to scholarship, enhancing the collections and services
at NUL and furthering cooperation with other libraries are important professional activities. Through its exempt
staff, the Library seeks to influence and contribute to regional and national library developments that will enhance
our ability to support the teaching and research goals of the University.
Therefore, the Library Administration is committed to assisting attendance and participation in professional
activities to the maximum extent possible in order to enhance professional growth and development of the exempt
staff membership. This assistance is given through financial support of travel and release time to attend professional
activities. Professional travel should be viewed as the shared responsibility of the University Library and the staff
member, and the individual is expected to share some of the costs.
Professional travel includes attendance at and participation in professional workshops, institutes, conferences,
seminars, and other specialized meetings conducted on a local, state, regional, national or international level visits
to vendors visits to other libraries for the purpose of examining specific operations, applications, etc.
Funds allocated annually to the travel budget will be used to provide financial support for these professional
activities. Each exempt staff member will be eligible for travel funding as described in this policy.
The travel policy should be reviewed by the Assembly at least every three years (or more frequently as needed)
recommended revisions should be submitted to the Library Administration for approval.
The travel policy adheres to all University Travel Policy guidelines.
I. Administrative travel:
This category includes travel initiated by Library Administration for the purposes of conducting general library
business and approved by the University Librarian. Up to full reimbursement of University-allowed expenses is
given. This category includes:
1) Attendance as official representative of the Library at meetings of associations and other organizations in which
the Library holds an institutional membership (e.g. ARL, CIC, OCLC)
2) Attendance at meetings where an individual has been designated to officially represent the Library
3) Professional development required by the University Library in training sessions which directly increase the
Library's ability to perform its mission
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