118 · Representative Documents: Professional Development/Sabbatical/Short Leave Policies
Indiana University Bloomington
Guidelines for Disbursing the Librarians’ Support Grant Funds
enough in advance to allow them adequate time to make plans dependent on the outcome of the
grant. Applicants should attempt to avoid applying for grants that are needed within one month
of the funding-cycle deadline.
Eligibility Guidelines:
1. Only tenured/tenure-track librarians in libraries on budgets administered by the Ruth
Lilly University Dean of University Libraries are eligible to apply for support grant funds.
2. When appropriate, applicants should demonstrate that other available funding sources
have been considered and/or approached.
3. Applicants should fill out the Librarians’ Support Grant Form. This form requires a
description of the project, a detailed budget, a statement of the project for which funding is
requested, and other supporting information, including reports for past librarians' support grants.
4. Applicants may include letters of support from individuals who are knowledgeable
about their project and/or other supporting documentation. They should also demonstrate that
their proposal has the support of the appropriate supervisor if it requires a special commitment of
resources from the department or unit where the applicant works.
5. Upon completion of a grant, a librarian is expected to provide a brief report, copies of
which should be sent to the Ruth Lilly University Dean of University Libraries, the Libraries
Human Resources Officer, and the Chair of the Research Leave Committee.
Categories of Support:
1. Seed support to develop a larger proposal.
2. Equipment or materials.
3. Travel, including grants for: a) research, b) attendance to one-time workshops or
institutes, and c) presentation of papers.
4. Publication subsidies.
5. Library acquisitions needed to support the project.
6. Other needs not defined above, such as copying, secretarial services, preparation of
graphics for publications, computing services, registration fees for workshops, interlibrary loan
costs, postage, and telephone.
Priorities for Awarding Librarians’ Support Grant Funds:
The highest priority shall go to requests for grants that serve as seed money to generate
larger-scale grants, awards, or fellowships that assist librarians to establish their reputations that
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