SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 35
depending upon conference/meeting).
At this point, no librarians have asked for sabbatical. However, it is possible.
Can apply for professional leave to attend conferences/workshops/training usually 1 to 3 days.
Can apply for research leave.
Duration of professional development leave depends on purpose of leave.
Durations vary maximum is one year.
I. Eligibility: Those who have been employed as full-time librarians with continuing appointment status for at least six
consecutive years, and who have not had a development leave in the past six years. Leaves may begin in the seventh
year of appointment or the seventh year following a prior leave. II. Options: Leaves may be for one semester (4 ½
months) at full salary or one academic year (9 months) at half salary. The leave period need not correspond with a
particular semester of the academic calendar, but the leave period must be continuous.
Here the term “professional development leave” applies to the time that librarians use to attend conferences and
training. These are short-term leaves (generally 1 to 5 days). We do not have sabbaticals or lengthy professional
research leaves.
It depends on the research or project maximum is 3 months full pay or 6 months half pay (which allows a longer
absence while remaining in a benefits eligible status).
It depends on their research request. It can be from one week up to one year off.
Librarians are not eligible for sabbaticals but may request professional development leaves, which are considered on a
case-by-case basis.
Librarians may also request time off under a more informal “Time Grant Program.”
Librarians may apply for leaves for Professional Development activities only (not sabbaticals).
Librarians who are tenured faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave of one semester at half pay after a minimum of six
semesters of service, or one semester at full pay to two semesters at half pay after a minimum of twelve semesters of
service. Untenured library faculty members and librarians who are administrative/professional staff are not eligible for
sabbatical leave.
Librarians with Continuing Appointment may apply for 6- or 12-month sabbaticals.
Maximum of one year.
Negotiate professional development/research leave time. Sabbaticals are for six months or one year.
No policies developed professional leave is quite limited (e.g., work at home for 2 weeks).
No sabbaticals, but we do have some leaves of absences available. Educational, Scholarly Activity and Personal LOAs
seem to be most applicable. Most are limited to one year in length.
No set limits. Individual requests are reviewed by a Study Leave Review Committee, which is advisory to the University
Normally a semester. Permission may be granted for a longer period of time.
Not to exceed one year may be renewed for a second year with written request to department head (dean of libraries).
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