58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If the course is not required for the job, but of interest to the employee, for-credit courses can be taken free-of-charge
through the university’s tuition waiver program. (3 classes per year at any university system institution). Flex-time and
paid personal leave are both available to cover time in class.
Librarians are eligible for a tuition waiver for three courses per year from any of the 16 universities in the University
System. No credit hour limit is specified.
May be taken at any public institution in the state.
19. How does your library handle librarians’ time away from their normal duties in order to attend
college credit courses that are primarily for their own personal development? Check all that apply.
Counted as time worked 9 14%
Employee uses personal time, e.g., vacation 37 59%
Employee is allowed to make up the time 37 59%
Not allowed during normal assignment hours 12 19%
Other response 1 2%
Counted as time worked
Counted as work time only if at home institution.
Limits on the number of units of credit that may be taken by faculty are determined by the Graduate College.
Personal time
Employee might be allowed to make up time, depending on the circumstances.
Allowed to make up the time
As exempt employees, librarians are expected to use flexible scheduling to meet work obligations.
Case by case basis---decided by supervisor.
Employees DO need their team leader’s permission to enroll in classes which meet during their normal work hours, and
all missed time must be made up on a schedule approved by the team leader.
Librarians may adjust their work schedules to take college credit courses. With approval at the library and university
levels, a faculty member may be granted a leave of absence without pay to pursue an advanced degree.
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