SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 65
The Arizona Board of Regents provides reduced tuition for employees to attend classes at any of Arizona’s three
universities. The library does not provide additional assistance.
Varies based on individual situation may be some level of support if related to job responsibilities normally not.
We’ve never had anyone participate in internship programs.
Other Response
Librarians are allocated funds for professional development. The funds are determined by the librarian’s rank. Either
response listed above is true depending on the decision of the librarians to use his or her funds to pay for registration,
books, etc. and travel.
We have not had a request for an internship of this type.
26. Must the internship that is primarily for their own personal development take place at the home
institution? N=25
Yes 1 4%
No 24 96%
27. How does your library handle the librarians’ time away from their normal duties in order to
participate in internships that are primarily for their own personal development? Check all that
apply. N=37
Counted as time worked 2 5%
Employee uses personal time, e.g., vacation 24 65%
Employee is allowed to make up the time 20 54%
Not allowed during normal assignment hours 11 30%
10% release time with flexible work schedule.
All time away must be negotiated with the person’s supervisor.
Case-by-case basis—decided by supervisor.
Research leave or leave without pay may be applied for.
The librarian must use personal vacation time or Leave without Pay for personal development internships.
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