SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 111
Brigham Young University
Faculty Leaves Policy: Professional Development Leave
another academic institution while on leave from BYU unless written permission to do so is
given by the chair, the dean and the Academic Vice President. Otherwise, such an arrangement
constitutes conflict of interest. (See the Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment
Policy.) To enter into such an agreement with another university without such written permission
constitutes a resignation of the faculty member s continuing faculty status and his or her
Subsequent Employment Requirement
A faculty member granted a Professional Development Leave is required to return to the
university for one year of regular employment immediately following the leave. Faculty
members who choose not to return for a minimum of one year employment immediately
following such a leave will be required to reimburse BYU for all associated costs paid by the
university during the Professional Development Leave. Additionally, in such case, the
Professional Development Leave will be counted as Personal Leave and the period of the leave
will not count as benefit credit for retirement purposes. The university, at its sole discretion, may
elect to waive the subsequent employment requirement. Authorization to waive the requirement
is granted in writing by the Academic Vice President.
Professional Development Leave Partial
While uncommon, occasionally a professional development opportunity arises which only
requires a part-time commitment and allows the faculty member to remain in the local area.
Under these circumstances, a partial Professional Development Leave may be appropriate. Often
it may be granted by the department chair and approved by the dean without having to follow the
formal leave application process. The granting of a partial Professional Development Leave only
requires the same approval process as a regular Professional Development Leave if the faculty
member will be away from campus for a period of more than two weeks during a semester or
term. (See the subheading, Granting of Professional Development Leaves in the
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAVE section of this policy.) A partial Professional
Development Leave does not stop the CFS clock. (See the Rank and Status Policy, Section 4.5.)
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