54 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Allowed to make up the time
As exempt employees, librarians are expected to use flexible scheduling to meet work obligations.
Case-by-case basis—decided by supervisor.
Personal time, Allowed to make up the time
All time away must be negotiated with the person’s supervisor.
This is very rare for librarians and I would say that employees are allowed to make up the time only when the schedule
change doesn’t negatively impact work. It’s much more common for support staff to be enrolled in for-credit courses.
Counted as time worked, Personal time, Allowed to make up the time
Depending on the reason for taking the course a variety of methods are used.
Employees can be granted 3 hours/week education time if supervisor/departments agrees. That time is considered work
time. Time above and beyond that (if approved at all) is usually taken as vacation. Classes are encouraged to be taken
that will not cause unreasonable disruption to the unit operations/staffing.
It varies. If a course is determined to be work related, then it can be counted as time worked. Normally, schedules are
flexed to allow attendance at classes and occasionally, if the employee needs more time, they will take leave.
Provide for up to 2.5 hrs per week paid release time.
Really depends on employee’s major assignment and what he/she wishes to do.
The library will allow up to 6 hours of paid release time per week. Approval is based on a quarter or semester basis and
takes into account operational considerations.
This varies on the situation.
This is at the supervisor’s discretion, but is normally counted as time worked if classes are during work hours.
All of the above
With approval, a librarian may carry an average of 4 credits a term for released time during no more than 3 consecutive
terms, up to a maximum of 12 credits. Additional time may be handled with the other 3 options.
Other response
If a college course is needed for the job, it may be taken during work time (e.g., a language course), but in this case it is
audited and not taken for credit.
Librarians normally do not clock their hours. Most work hours are flexible and often exceed a minimum required 35
hours per week.
University allows one course at a time to be taken on work time additional courses are on personal time. No credit hour
limit per semester the limit is one course, regardless of number of credit hours.
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