SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 57
The university covers 50% of the cost of registration as a benefit.
Tuition waiver applies.
The university will assist with paying tuition for undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses for staff as follows:
Staff must be eligible for the benefit and enrolled in an accredited institution financial assistance is provided for one
course per semester, or three courses per academic year upon satisfactory completion of the course at another college
or university, the university will reimburse eligible staff 70% of the charge for tuition, up to an amount equal to 70% of
what the university would charge for similar level coursework for course work here, a 70% discount will be applied to
charges for tuition upon registration fees, books, the remaining amount of tuition, etc., are the responsibility of the staff
member staff members who apply to the university for coursework are subject to the same competition for admission
as other applicants.
No Registration, No Books, etc.
But, the university does give tuition remission to all employees.
Librarians can attend courses at the university at no cost. This excludes professional programs such as Law and
The Arizona Board of Regents provides reduced tuition for employees to attend classes at any of Arizona’s three
universities. The library does not provide additional assistance.
The library does not augment the university tuition benefits.
This information is the same as the previous information regarding job-related classes.
Tuition waivers are for any undergraduate or graduate course.
University allows librarians to register for free for up to 6 credit hours. Payment of a student technology fee is required.
18. Must these college credit courses be taken at the home institution? N=47
Yes 12 26%
No 35 74%
Employees may enroll in other institutions at their own expense on their own time.
The courses do not have to be job-related as part of the University Systems program, but they must be taken at the
home institution unless the home institution does not have that particular major or course. Then it can be taken at
another University system institution.
For employees employed half-time or more, the university provides a partial tuition remission for credit courses offered
by any of the university’s campuses.
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