102 · Representative Documents: Travel Policies
North Carolina State University
NCSU Libraries Travel and Training Guidelines and Procedures
traveler must immediately notify the divisional AD to find out whether the Libraries
will fund the excess cost of the ticket.
Funding for any other increases to projected and approved expenses must be requested
in advance through a revised Travel Request Form.
If an exceptional/unavoidable situation occurs during travel that will increase the cost
of the trip beyond that approved (for example, a flight cancellation forces the traveler to
spend an extra night in a hotel), the traveler should contact, via phone and email, his or
her assistant/associate Director and the Director of Finance and Business to explain the
circumstances. Outside business hours, the traveler must use his/her best judgment in
keeping with the reasoning of a “prudent person traveling on personal funds.”
A traveler who cancels an approved trip must immediately notify the department head,
the assistant/associate director, and the Director of Finance and Business. If costs have
been incurred by the Libraries (e.g., registration or airfare) the employee will make
every reasonable effort to gain a refund. The employee will be expected to repay non-
refundable expenses unless the cancellation was at the request of the Libraries, with
prior approval of the Vice Provost and Director of Libraries. In the event of an accident,
serious illness or emergency, the Director may use her discretion regarding payment of
charges and penalties. To confirm cancellation, the traveler should return his/her copy
of the approved Travel Request Form to Finance and Business. If the cancellation results
in an unused plane ticket, reimbursement may be delayed pending use of the ticket at a
later date for another approved trip, subject to repayment of any extra costs incurred in
All motor vehicle accidents involving university-owned vehicles and rental cars used for
official university business must be reported to the police, NC State Insurance and Risk
Management (http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/insurance/), the Director of Finance and
Business, and the rental car agency, no matter how small the cost of damage or who is at
fault. See the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Risk Management Regulation
(http://www.ncsu.edu/policies/finance/ins_risk/REG07.35.3.php) for information on
insurance coverage for state, personal, and rental vehicles.
VI. Separation from the Libraries. Unless waived in advance (as indicated by the
Vice Provost and Director of Libraries on the Travel Request Form), the Libraries expects
employees who travel within three months of a voluntary separation to repay travel
VII. Library Travel Committee
The Library Travel Committee (LTC) is a standing committee that administers the
Libraries’ Developmental Travel budget. LTC members review all requests in the
category of Developmental Travel. The Assistant Director for Organizational Design
and Learning (ADODL) is the Directors Council liaison to the LTC. The ADODL
informs the committee of the total amount of developmental travel funds expected to be
available for the fiscal year.
Committee Composition/Eligibility. The LTC is composed of five librarians, elected to
staggered three-year terms by the library faculty. All library staff holding regular EPA
appointments, with the exception of members of the Directors Council, are eligible to
serve and to vote on the LTC.
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