SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 121
Indiana University Bloomington
Guidelines for Research Leave Program
7. The following information is used to evaluate the proposed research projects:
a. Statement of objectives and general description of project.
b. Method and plan of work.
c. Significance of the project to the library profession or the specific field in which it is
d. Applicant’s vita.
e. Preliminary work completed and evidence that the project can be completed within the
requested time.
f. Plan for communicating results of the research to a local, regional, or national audience.
g. Dates of requested leave.
h. Reports from previous research leaves.
8. Upon completion of the research leave, the librarian must provide a brief report describing the
progress of his/her research to the Chair of the Research Leave and Support Grant Funds
Committee. The Committee chair shall forward copies of the report to the librarian’s
supervisor and the Libraries Human Resources Officer and shall also submit information from
the reports for publication in IUL News.
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