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Please explain the allocation method.
Full Registration
Librarians receive a tuition waiver for university courses. The faculty member must hold an appointment of twenty-
five percent or more of full time service. Librarians are allocated funds for professional development. The funds are
determined by the librarian’s rank. Either response listed above is true depending upon the decision of the librarians to
use his or her funds to pay for books, etc.
The university waives half tuition. The employee is responsible for the other half.
Full Registration, Full Books, etc.
Books and equipment: reimbursement and cost/sharing negotiable.
Full Registration, No Books, etc.
These are paid for only if they are taken here.
University employees may use a course fee waiver to pay for university courses whether or not the courses related to the
individual’s professional responsibilities.
Part Registration, Part Books, etc.
Librarians can be reimbursed up to $1,120 per year for professional development activities, including course fees or
books for personal enrichment classes.
Similar to question 8. Some courses and related expenses are covered by the library as part of our professional expense
policy others are covered institutionally by the university under an educational assistance policy.
The cost is taken from their professional development fund. Note: The registration is paid in full only if the course can be
used for professional development.
Part Registration, No Books, etc.
$800 is available from the library once that is exhausted, money can be allocated from departmental discretionary
funds, if available and the department head is amenable. The university offers all employees a $2,000 benefit for
For employees employed half-time or more, the university provides a partial remission of fees for credit courses
therefore, the employee pays a reduced tuition rate.
Institute’s tuition plan may be used for GED through Graduate Degree. Coverage of Job-Related: studies from which
you gain knowledge that will enhance your performance in a significant amount of your current job OR Career-Related:
studies or degree programs that prepare you for advancement in your current or another field of work in which realistic
full-time employment opportunities exist at the institution. Note: Graduate degree programs must be taken as Career-
Related Study to enhance on-the-job skills or to expand one’s career opportunities at the Institute. Tuition assistance is
available for all levels of study, from GED to graduate level.
Strictly speaking, the cost of registration is not paid by the library this is a university benefit for eligible staff and faculty.
The institution waives the instructional fees (tuition) the Libraries cover 50% of general fees on a case-by-case basis.
The same policy in the previous section applies. Very few disciplines are not eligible to be refunded.
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