SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 25
Intersession hours between December and January are considered holidays and are included above.
Libraries’ faculty are informally granted an extra week’s leave at the winter intersession only.
Libraries’ faculty are on annual, 12-month appointments, so they work through all intersession breaks, with the
exception of all university holidays.
Must use accrued vacation leave.
Neither librarians nor any other university staff receive intersession leave.
Not applicable for 12-month employees.
Our librarians are paid on a 12-month cycle and are expected to work during breaks.
The five days are included in the 12 days of holiday leave reported above.
The library does not close during intersession breaks.
The university does not provide paid leave during intercession.
The University Libraries are open during intersession breaks.
The university closes between Christmas and New Year’s. Most years this provides employees an additional 7 days of
holiday pay. In a seven-year cycle, there are two years when employees receive 6 days of holiday pay between Christmas
and New Year’s.
These “special holidays” are the weekdays falling between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
This is at Christmas no other leave is paid.
We have 12-month contracts. There are no intersessions here.
Leave Accrual
4. If there is one accrual rate for librarians, please enter the hours accrued per year for each type of
leave below. [For the purposes of this survey Paid Time Off (PTO) leave is part of a leave plan that
combines vacation, sick, and personal leave into a single bank of days for employee paid time off.]
One Accrual Rate
Paid Time Off hours per year N=1
Number of hours: 168
Vacation and/or Personal leave hours per year N=48
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
96 232 180.87 179 19.57
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