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North Carolina State University
NCSU Libraries Travel and Training Guidelines and Procedures
Elections. Elections are conducted each February by the NCSU Librarians Association.
Nominations must be submitted to the Librarians Association by the end of January
(self-nomination is encouraged). Voting is by secret ballot. All terms are for three years
(July 1 through June 30). If a seat is vacated before the end of a term, a special election
will be held for a replacement, who will serve the remaining term. The LTC elects a
committee chair annually from among its members.
Meetings. The LTC meets quarterly or more frequently if deemed necessary by the
chair. The LTC meetings are closed, and discussions held in confidence. Travel requests
are reviewed regularly by the committee. Information about LTC meeting dates is
issued by the LTC chair.
Funding Priorities. The LTC will consider applicants’ purposes for traveling, previous
awards, expected benefits for the Libraries, number of staff attending the same meeting,
and other pertinent factors in making its recommendations. The LTC bases its decision
on the following priorities (in order):
1. Those presenting a paper or address, those with workshop, training, or
teaching obligations, and panel members.
2. Those who hold organizational office or are committee chairs.
3. Those who are committee members or those attending workshops or
courses pertinent to providing important and up-to-date library services.
4. Those attending a primary professional meeting in their discipline.
5. Those attending meetings for professional development.
The LTC may give special consideration to those who have not previously received
travel funding.
Funding Formula. The LTC reserves the right to differentiate proportions funded,
based on library priorities.
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Revised 07/22/08 WLS
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