SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 59
Personal time, Allowed to make up the time
All time away must be negotiated with the person’s supervisor.
In some cases, library may count as time worked.
No release time is granted for undergraduate courses at institutions other than the university.
Counted as time worked, Personal time, Allowed to make up the time
Staff taking skill-enhancing classes or classes that help maintain knowledge base are allowed 10% release time, with
flexibility in work schedule.
This is at the supervisor’s discretion.
Other response
University policy is one course per semester may be taken on work time additional courses are on personal time. There
is no semester credit hour limit simply one course on work time, regardless of semester credit hours.
20. Please indicate the maximum number of credit hours of college credit courses that librarians may
take per session primarily for their own personal development. N=28
Credit hours per session
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
3 No limit 6.3 6 2.69
Number of
Number of
3 2
4 1
5 1
6 11
7 1
8 2
16 1
No limit 6
Other 3
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