110  ·  Representative Documents:  Professional Development/Sabbatical/Short Leave Policies
Brigham Young University
Faculty Leaves Policy: Professional Development Leave
university to provide funding in addition to that available from outside sources if it results in a
double salary, or in an unusual financial gain for the faculty member.
Benefits During a Professional Development Leave
Faculty members will qualify for full benefits during a Professional Development Leave
approved and funded by the university. In cases where a faculty member receives salary and
benefits from another institution during a Professional Development Leave, he or she should
work with Benefits Services to make sure benefits can be fully reinstated without penalty upon
return to the university. If a faculty member receives full or partial salary from another institution
but not benefits, BYU benefits should be requested on the Leave of Absence Application form,
and will normally be provided by the university. Time spent on Professional Development Leave
will be counted as benefit credit for retirement purposes. Faculty members going on leave should
contact Benefits Services to confirm whether the leave may impact their DMBA benefits.
Evaluation of a Professional Development Leave
Post-evaluation of Professional Development Leaves is essential. Each faculty member returning
from a Professional Development Leave should submit a written report to the department chair.
This report should refer specifically to the proposed objectives which led to the granting of the
leave and show how and to what extent the objectives were achieved. Preferably, time in
department meetings or special meetings should be given to report to the entire faculty of the
department and other interested parties on the scholarly products and faculty development
achieved as a result of the leave. Nevertheless, how and when the summary is to be presented
should be determined by the department or college.
Rank and Status Implications and Salary Increases During Professional Development
As provided in the Rank and Status Policy, Section 4.5, time spent on Professional Development
Leaves is counted as part of the probationary period leading up to the final review for CFS. Thus,
a Professional Development Leave does not stop the clock, or alter the schedule of rank and
status reviews. A CFS review will occur on schedule even if a faculty member is on Professional
Development Leave during the time of the review. The faculty member bears responsibility to
prepare and submit the required materials prior to or during the time of the leave. A review for
rank advancement may occur while a faculty member is on leave. When a Professional
Development Leave is granted for the purpose of pursuing a graduate degree, consideration for
promotion in rank will be given after, rather than before, the leave. A faculty member going on
Professional Development Leave will receive the same increase in salary base as if the faculty
member were not on leave.
Conflict of Interest During Professional Development Leaves
A faculty member on Professional Development Leave remains an employee of BYU, and he or
she is bound by university policy, including policy governing conflicts of interest. A BYU
faculty member shall not accept tenure nor agree to a continuing employment relationship with
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