SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 39
following a prior leave. II. Options: Leaves may be for one semester (4 ½ months) at full salary or one academic year (9
months) at half salary. The leave period need not correspond with a particular semester of the academic calendar, but
the leave period must be continuous.
The amount of pay is determined by the years of services and the number of months requested.
They are paid in full for the first 12-month sabbatical, 80% for any subsequent 12-month sabbatical, 100% for a
subsequent 6-month sabbatical.
Varies. All or part of leave may be funded for good cause.
10. Are librarians at your library required to use personal, vacation, or other leave to attend
professional conferences that are primarily for their own personal professional development? [For
the purposes of this survey, “personal professional development travel” does not include travel
where the employee is conducting business on behalf of the library.] N=70
Yes 7 10%
No 63 90%
Please enter any additional comments about leave time for professional development at your
Librarians may request for official leave with or without pay for professional development.
Librarians use professional leave to attend professional conferences. The time is not deducted from the librarian’s sick or
vacation leave time.
Often a combined use of PDT and vacation
They have 20 research days a year which can be used to attend professional activities.
A percentage of the effort of librarians engaged in sponsored research and, therefore, a portion of their time with pay,
is dedicated to work on the specific research project. Aside from sponsored research projects, librarians may arrange for
release time from other responsibilities to work on research and scholarship in pay status. Librarians who are tenured
library faculty members are eligible for university-sponsored faculty fellowships for study in a second discipline, with
release time from teaching for one semester or one academic year, with full pay and $3,500 per semester in the form
of supply and expense support for travel, equipment, software, and other similar expenses. Untenured library faculty
members and librarians who are administrative/professional staff are not eligible for the fellowship program.
All approved professional activities and associated travel, including transit days, which occurs on traditional workdays, is
treated as paid release time. Release time is provided for approved travel even when funding is not needed or granted.
All funded professional development leave requires approval of either an oversight committee or library administrator.
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