40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Competitive fellowship leaves may be granted.
If approved, weekdays are counted as work time weekends and/or holidays are on personal time.
If it’s to learn how to knit, then yes, that would need to be vacation time but if it’s to enhance professional skills, then
the library would cover the time.
In general, attendance or participation in approved professional development programs are considered paid work
time and would generally receive support to offset travel and attendance costs. There have been occasions where the
professional development is not related to their current employment/role and those requests are treated for funding and
time off on a case-by-case basis.
In most cases, time off is granted for professional development.
Librarians apply through a process administered by the Librarian Review and Development Committee. It must be
approved by the Supervisor, University Librarian, and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. They must
submit a report upon the completion of their research and/or professional development leave
Librarians are granted release time for conference attendance. Librarians may use 4 hours of Professional Activity Time
(PAT) per week. It may be accrued, up to 8 hours, to be used at once. Use is optional, but it is lost if it is not used. There
is no payment for unused PAT.
Note that librarians are not on the tenure track at this institution thus, we have less emphasis on research time/
Professional leave is granted to attend meetings and conferences.
Research leave is granted by application to the Faculty/Staff Research Committee comprised of peers in the library
faculty and classified staff.
Research time is negotiated based on need and made part of the annual work plan.
Short-term PD leaves of less than one semester duration are allowed at full salary.
Staff can take a maximum of 10 days (80 hrs) each fiscal year. Time may be taken in blocks of no less than 2 hours and
must be pre-arranged. Time must be approved.
This is sometimes recorded as administrative leave, but we see activities such as this as part of the Libraries’ faculties’
Up to 5 additional days for Professional Service Leave. Up to 10 additional days for Conference/Workshop Leave.
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