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per university policy: *There will be an increase in the amount of the benefit from $5,000/calendar year to $5,250/
calendar year. *There will be an increase in the allowed number of courses, from two courses per semester/quarter to
three courses per semester/quarter, with a maximum of nine courses per calendar year. *Participants can also request
a waiver to take courses at accredited schools in other states if the courses are not offered in North Carolina or if the
employee’s primary work location is in another state. Library staff association offers a scholarship program that awards
funds to offset the cost of course related books and materials that provides, pending available funding, $150/per staff
member per semester.
Librarians can be reimbursed up to $1,120 per year for professional development activities, including course fees or
books for job related classes. Librarians may also receive financial support from departmental funds, technology training
funds, and/or from the Librarians’ Association of the University of California.
Librarians may use part of their annual allocation or request other funds which are allocated based on availability and
nature of the request and relationship to job duties.
Some courses and related expenses are covered by the library as part of our professional expense policy others are
covered institutionally by the university under an educational assistance policy.
The library has funded some courses that were not a part of our university (the university pays tuition/fees for one
course each semester).
Part Registration, No Books, etc.
$800 is available from the library once that is exhausted, money can be allocated from departmental discretionary
funds, if available and the department head is amenable. The university offers all employees a $2,000 benefit for
75% of tuition and fees to a maximum of $600 per annum.
For full-time staff (regular staff) working 30 hours or more per week. The staff member has been in such a position for
three months before course registration. The university will pay tuition for undergraduate, graduate, or professional
courses for staff as follows: Staff must be eligible for the benefit and enrolled in an accredited institution financial
assistance is provided for one course per semester, or three courses per academic year upon satisfactory completion
of the course at another college or university, the university will reimburse eligible staff 70% of the charge for tuition,
up to an amount equal to 70% of what the university would charge for similar level coursework for course work at the
university, a 70% discount will be applied to charges for tuition upon registration fees, books, the remaining amount
of tuition, etc., are the responsibility of the staff member staff members who apply to the university for coursework are
subject to the same competition for admission as other applicants.
Individuals apply annually Administrative Council approves on a case-by-case basis. When approved, tuition is covered
at $290 per credit hour.
Institute’s tuition assistance plan reimburses up to $5,250 for full-time employees per calendar year for eligible courses
(prorated for part-time employees). Tuition assistance is provided for various areas of study. While most courses that
qualify for reimbursement are academic courses taken for credit and a grade at an accredited college or university,
certain other courses may qualify as well. The Plan covers some fees including registration, application, computer,
library, lab, and curriculum support but does not cover books, materials or equipment.
Part if the overall university’s tuition support program. 75% of tuition for university classes (up to 4 credits/term).
At outside institution, up to $1,428 per term or 75% of tuition and fees, whichever is less. Does not include PhD
coursework, only undergrad and graduate level.
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