SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 69
Academy, a week-long professional development and leadership program for mid-level managers in academic libraries.
We also encourage and financially support other competitive development opportunities at the university, state, and
national levels.
Bereavement Leave Jury Duty Leave Military and Military Training Leave
Bereavement or comparable emergency leave, civil leave (jury duty), military leave.
Courses related to or in support of one’s position may be authorized and payment for course approved and paid for by
the library.
Eligible for personal unpaid leave.
Flexible scheduling. Some work-at-home opportunities. Administrative travel support for job-related committee work,
e.g., with the regional network, the consortium, etc.
Flexible Work Schedule Telework Credit Leave, Comp Time, Comp Time for Travel
FMLA Leave: A staff member who has met the eligibility requirements for FMLA may receive up to 12 weeks of leave in
any rolling 12 month period. Non-FMLA Leave: Staff members who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a leave
under FMLA may request a leave of absence for a self-qualifying medical event. Time away from work may not exceed
six weeks in their first 12 months of service at Vanderbilt. This leave period for staff in their first 12 months of service is
to be taken as continuous leave only. Also, a staff member with a serious medical condition who has exhausted leave
available under the FMLA may request an extended medical leave, subject to the 6-month maximum leave period.
Personal Leave: An eligible staff member who has completed at least 12 months of service and who is in good standing
may request personal time off for reasons such as educational opportunities, travel or to care for a family member or
to spend time with a new baby or child placed in the home within the first 12 months in situations not covered by the
FMLA. However, personal leaves are not granted for engaging in employment outside of Vanderbilt or pursuing an
independent business venture. Leave time under this provision cannot exceed the six month maximum time available
under any combination of leaves granted in any rolling 12-month period.
For employees employed half-time or more, the university provides paid parental leave (that does not reduce an eligible
employee’s balance of any other paid leave such as sick, vacation, or personal business days or personal holiday) at 100
percent of the employee’s straight-time, regular pay, for the purpose of recovery from the birth of a child and/or to bond
with a newborn or with a newly-adopted child under the age of 18. Birth mothers may receive up to 240 hours of paid
parental leave all other eligible employees who become parents of a newborn or newly adopted child may receive up
to 120 hours. If both parents are eligible employees, the parents may elect to combine the total number of hours and
allocate it between them. The leave applies to a male or female employee who is a birth mother a father of the birth
child a same-sex domestic partner of the birth mother a same-sex domestic partner of the birth father an adoptive
mother or father a same-sex domestic partner of an adoptive mother or father.
Full-time librarians receive full tuition reimbursement to attend non-credit classes at the University of Chicago Graham
School of General Studies. In addition, the University’s Human Resources department offers work-related courses in
their business and professional programs at no cost.
Leave Without Pay for professional development.
Leave without pay. “Sesqui” Leave: Each school of the University may administer a periodic program of academic
leaves, often referred to as Sesquicentennial Associate ships. These are competitive awards. The purpose of a Sesqui
Leave is to help faculty invigorate their research and teaching activities.
Librarians are eligible to apply for Education Release which allows them to take one day a week off for up to a year.
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