46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
conferences. An additional $250 is available for each librarian who is an untenured faculty member. Two international
travel grants of up to $1,000, administered by the library with funds from the university’s office of the vice president for
research, are available to provide additional funding for library faculty who will have an active role (presenting papers or
serving as officials) at recognized international meetings on topics related to the library’s strategic research areas.
When we have any travel money, a flat rate of money is awarded and can be used as the traveler sees fit.
Other Response
Each full time librarian receives funds which they can use for conferences, workshops or other research activities such
as for equipment/software/hardware and for professional memberships. The libraries also provide support for select
programs. Also, the university has allocated funds to the librarians as a group. These funds may be used use for research
activities-giving papers and/or conducting research projects. The funds are distributed by a research and awards
committee composed of peers.
It depends and requires Associate Director decision/approval.
Librarians are allocated funds for professional development. The funds are determined by the librarian’s rank. Either
response listed above is true depending upon the decision of the librarian to use his or her funds for that particular
Librarians are awarded a set amount of travel money each year. This amount varies between $1,000 and $1,300 each
year. This money may be used for registration, travel, hotel, meals as the librarian see fit within the general University
Travel Guidelines.
Library provides $1000/year for non-permanent (non-tenured) librarians and $800/year for other librarians. They may
use the funds as they wish, i.e., registration, travel, lodging, meals, etc.
12. Does your library pay or reimburse librarians for personal memberships in professional
associations, for example the American Library Association? N=71
Yes, the library pays/reimburses the full cost
of membership in professional associations 4 6%
Yes, the library pays/reimburses a part of the cost
of membership in professional associations 1 1%
No, the library does not pay or reimburse librarians
for memberships in professional associations 65 92%
Other response 1 1%
Pays full cost
In most cases, the librarian applies to the Professional Development Reimbursement Fund (above).
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