SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 37
Varies by employee based on length and purpose of leave request.
Varies greatly, has been approved for one year.
9. Do librarians at your library receive pay for any part of sabbatical or professional development
leave time? N=69
Yes, they are paid in full for this leave time 31 45%
Yes, they are partially paid for this leave time 12 17%
No, they are not paid for this leave time 16 23%
Other response 10 15%
Paid in Full
1 semester at full pay or 2 semesters at half pay.
100% for PDT, Sliding scale for pay of more than 3 months for sabbatical
100% or 80% See above.
50% if on one-year sabbatical
Full pay for six-month sabbatical. Half pay for full calendar year sabbatical.
If approved, they are generally paid in full.
Librarians are paid when the time is approved as official or administrative leave.
Policy allows full salary to be paid if employee is on sabbatical for at least one semester or six months otherwise
employee receives three-fifths of normal salary.
Sabbatical: 1 semester at full pay or 1 year at half pay Research: full pay
Sabbatical for up to 6 months: 100% Salary Sabbatical for 6 to 12 months: 67% Salary
See previous answer. 100% pay for half year. 50% for full year. NOTE: sabbaticals are frozen this year campus-wide due
to budget problems.
They receive full pay while on professional leave.
Partially Paid
80% of salary for both types of professional leave
After 4 years, 12 months @60% or 6 months@ 75% or 8 months @75% after 6 years, 12 months @80% or 6
Full salary for one semester leaves half-salary if leave is longer than one semester.
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