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Financial Support for Professional Development
11. Does your library pay or reimburse conference attendees for conference registration and/or travel and
accommodations for conferences they are attending primarily for their own personal professional
development? [For the purposes of this survey, “personal professional development travel” does
not include travel where the employee is conducting business on behalf of the library.] N=72
Travel and
Yes, the library pays/reimburses the full cost 25 8
Yes, the library pays/reimburses a part of the cost 36 54
No, the library does not pay or reimburse 6 6
Full Registration, Full Travel 8 11%
Full Registration, Part Travel 17 24%
Part Registration, Part Travel 36 50%
No Registration, No Travel 6 8%
Other Response 5 7%
Please explain the allocation method.
Full Registration, Full Travel
Conference registration and cost of travel and accommodations are considered together. Dependent upon the total
amount of the request and the fiscal situation, full or partial reimbursement may be granted.
Each librarian is allowed $1,500 per year for personal professional development. Will pay 100% of registration, travel
and accommodations, etc., up to total of $1,500.
Librarians are allotted a set dollar amount for Professional Development each fiscal year. The Dean determines the
amount, and it is distributed universally to all Librarians. Once a librarian’s allotment is depleted, they are still provided
release time to attend conferences or meetings, but at their own expense. The same Professional Development
allotment may be used for conference registration, travel (including airfare, ground transportation, rental car, etc.),
accommodations, and meal per diem.
Librarians receive an allocation of travel money at the beginning of the fiscal year. They may use as they see fit as long
as the conference or professional development opportunity is related to their job.
Occasionally, a portion of travel/registration costs may come through grants or other external funding sources.
Two possible funding sources The Professional Development Reimbursement Fund (entitlement is $500 per year and
can be carried forward for 3 years =$1,500) or the Library Employee Development fund, through annual budgeting
process. Only partial funding may be available for a second or third event, with costs shared by the library and individual
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