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Generally, if it is associated with one’s professional responsibilities, we reimburse 50% for attendance, 75% if on a
committee, 100% if presenting a paper.
In the past, the library has paid member rate for registration at ALA annual and midwinter conferences, ACRL, annual
state library association conferences, and other related professional meetings. Future funding may change due to
economic climate. Professional staff are currently allotted $1,100 annually for personal professional development.
Professional staff may choose which meeting or conference to attend. However, the meeting or conference must related
to professional responsibilities at the library.
It’s based on the available resources. Generally, 80% of actual cost.
Librarians are allocated a set amount for professional development for conferences or transportation or accommodations
based on availability of funds.
Librarians are eligible to receive $705 annually additional funds may be awarded based on availability and nature of the
Librarians can be reimbursed up to $1,120 per year for professional development activities, including conference
registration fees, from central library funds. Librarians may also receive financial support from departmental funds,
technology training funds, and/or from the Librarians’ Association of the University of California.
Librarians receive an annual allocation to cover expenses associated with professional development registration.
Library Faculty are allocated a specific dollar amount per calendar year based on their tenured/untenured status and
service on national/state/local committees. Level 1: $1,000 -general Library Faculty travel base funding. Level 2:
$1,400 -officer of state or regional group or presents paper/poster at state or regional meeting. Level 3: $1,600
-serves on national/foreign committee. Level 4: $1,800 -untenured faculty chair of national/foreign committee
presents paper/poster at national/foreign meeting or elected officer of national/foreign group.
Library faculty received an allotment of $1200 in FY 09 for purposes such as these. Faculty can also compete for up to
$500 in additional funding each year.
Registration is at “member level” for the sponsoring organization. Half of “reasonable” airfare (coach with advance
purchase is required) $120 per diem for all other expenses, capped at $850 for an attendee, and $2100 for a
Reimbursable expenses include train/airfare, accommodations, local transportation, conference registration and meals,
generally not to exceed $700 per fiscal year.
The library pays $500 (plus paid time off) for conference attendees and $750 (plus paid time off) for committee
There is no clear answer, every submission is looked at on an individual basis. It depends on a list of various criterion,
such as the cost, the size of our fund, how often an individual has gone before, etc.
This is strictly a case-by-case determination. Not all personal professional development opportunities are funded by the
library, although a good portion are. Depends on the specifics.
To encourage participation in professional associations and the presentation of papers at conferences, all expenses were
met by the library for the past several years. Due to financial constraints, this is no longer possible. For the 2009–2010
fiscal year, every librarian (whether faculty member or administrative/professional staff) is eligible for up to $1,000
per fiscal year from library funds to support professional development that includes conference registration, travel,
accommodations, per diem, and other miscellaneous costs associated with attendance at professional meetings and
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