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Untenured tenure-track faculty attending a conference, workshop, or educational program. 4) Tenured faculty attending
a conference, workshop, or educational program. Under no circumstances will an individual be awarded out of Fund B
more than 25 percent of the original total amount of money in that fund in a single year.
1) If traveler is representing the university at event where presentation is required, he/she receives maximum funding
(everything but meals) 2) If traveler has substantive involvement presenting, holding elected office, chairing a
committee/group, he/she receives a maximum up to $600 per trip 3) If traveler is ranked faculty member who has not
yet undergone sixth year review, he/she receives maximum up to $800 per trip.
A request form is submitted justifying the requested expense. Department heads approve the funding based on travel
budgets allocated and pertinence to the library. Overall approval is done at the next highest level.
A travel committee allocates based on the employee’s activities at the conference. The lump sum amount the employee
receives is tiered based on attendance with “Program or Service Responsibilities” v. “Attendance Without Program or
Service Responsibilities” and the funds are used to reimburse the employee for travel and/or registration.
Annual exercise reimbursement based on conference location, cost, and overall institution budget.
At the moment, Librarian I receives a $1250 annual allocation Librarian II, III, &IV receive a $1000 annual allocation.
These allocations have recently been reduced due to budget constraints. The allocation can be used to cover
registration, travel, and/or accommodation. Registration costs greater than $175 are automatically paid for by the
Each employee has a fund amount based on tenure status. Once the fund has been expended no reimbursements are
Each librarian is currently allotted $2,000.00 annually for professional travel.
Each librarian is given $500/year to apply toward registration, travel, accommodations, etc. Additional Administrative
funds are sometimes available on a per request basis.
Each library faculty member and each non-ranked appointed professional is allocated a lump sum, currently $1,100, to
support professional development for the year.
Each year the University Librarian allocates a dollar amount to our Research and Professional Development Committee
which solicits, evaluates, and approves funding. Generally, the amount corresponds to the overall budget divided by the
number of librarians making requests. If you have a single, inexpensive request you may be fully funded. If you have one
expensive or multiple conferences, you will be funded to the individual maximum amount.
Employees are not guaranteed that they will be reimbursed. They must apply to library committee and make a case.
For most conferences, the library uses a percentage reimbursement schedule based on level of involvement. For
example, for a Chair of an ALA Committee, the Library will reimburse 90% of the standard amount calculated to attend
the conference.
Full cost is reimbursed up to a limit that is set annually. Librarians without continuing appointment and librarians in the
highest performance group receive a maximum of $2,900/year those in the second performance group receive $2,700/
year those in the third performance group receive $2,500/year those in the fourth performance group receive $2,300/
year those in the fifth performance group receive 20% of total costs.
Funds are distributed based on numbers of employees traveling and numbers of conferences attended, based on
availability of funds, on an annual request basis.
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