52 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
All expenses would be covered (and time counted as work time) if course is required for the job (i.e., “assigned
If not offered at home institution, other institutions considered.
Preference is given to a job-related course offered at the home institution.
Tuition waiver at home institution
Classes may be taken at any state university. However, the waiver is not applicable to professional programs, i.e., School
of Law or School of Medicine.
Courses may be taken tuition-free at either the home institution or at any other state-supported institution within our
Each employee is eligible to take university classes at 25% of the normal tuition cost.
For employees employed half-time or more, the university provides a partial tuition remission for credit courses offered
by any of the university’s campuses.
However, courses taken on campus or within the whole University System may be covered by a generous staff tuition
reduction, and/or partially covered by the campus Employee Benefit Fund.
Librarians are eligible for a tuition waiver for three courses per year from any of the 16 universities in the University
System. No credit hour limit is specified.
Most are MLS courses taken through online enrollment.
Our librarians generally have an MLS and a second master’s degree or PhD. To my knowledge, it’s uncommon for them
to be taking for-credit classes that are job related unless they are perhaps language or technology classes. These classes
are paid for by the employee unless they are taken here where tuition remission applies. If the classes were for a second
master’s degree the employee would also pay the cost.
Per previous question, attendance here is not required.
The course will be paid in full as long as the institution is recognized and used for the librarian’s professional
The courses do not have to be job-related as part of the University Systems program, but they must be taken at the
home institution unless the home institution does not have that particular major or course. Then it can be taken at
another University System institution.
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