SPEC Kit 315: Leave and Professional Development Benefits · 81
Duke University
Travel and Staff Development Guidelines for Duke University Libraries
Created: 7/25/02
Last Revised: 11/14/08
member, the leave request should be routed to that EG member for approval. If the requestor
is not an EG direct report, then the department head is the authorizing official for the travel.
2. Authorizing official forwards approved forms to Area Support Center (ASC) to be entered into
the Travel database. Once entered the original request is returned to requestor. ASC may keep
copy of approved form for their file.
3. Once requestor has received approved Administrative Leave Request form they may proceed
with making necessary travel arrangements.
4. Staff should notify their Department Head or Executive Group member and Business Services if
there are any changes to a trip that was originally approved for funding.
1. Travel arrangements should not be made until an approved Administrative Leave Request
form has been received.
2. Receipts for airline tickets, registration, and/or other expenses incurred using a procurement
card prior to actual travel should be submitted to departmental Paris administrator along with
a copy of approved Administrative Leave Request form as soon as expense has been incurred.
3. Within two weeks of their return, employee should complete a Travel Expense Form and
submit appropriate travel receipts to their Area Support Center (ASC).
4. ASC will review form and forward to the employee’s department head or EG member
(depending on who approved the travel) for approval.
5. ASC forwards approved form with receipts and copy of Administrative Leave Request form to
Business Services for review and entering of final expense total into database.
6. Business Services returns documentation to ASC for processing.
It is expected that staff whose requests to attend special meetings or workshops are approved will
share the benefits of their attendance with their colleagues in an appropriate form, i.e., 1) a written
brief report describing the nature of their conference participation and its importance to the Library,
which could be published in the IB or through e‐mail or 2) a verbal report at a departmental meeting,
a meeting with interested parties, a brown bag lunch, etc.
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