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If a 6-month sabbatical is taken, the librarian receives full pay. If a 12-month sabbatical is taken, it is at half-pay.
If for one semester or less, full pay. Beyond a semester, 1/2 pay.
Librarians on professional leave for 6 months receive their full regular pay. Librarians on professional leave for 12 months
receive 75% of their regular pay.
Paid for professional development/research time as negotiated. Sabbaticals are paid full salary for six months or one-
half salary if one year.
Sabbatical at 4 months =85%. Sabbatical at 8 months =75%. Sabbatical at 12 months =65%. Funding for
professional development depends on rank of faculty member (i.e., pre-sixth year review), necessary skills or training
needed by library, etc.
Sabbatical leave for 1 year will be at half-pay.
Sabbatical leave up to six months is paid at 100%. Sabbatical leave between six and twelve months is paid at 3/5.
Scholarly Assignment Off Campus is full pay for 6 months or half pay for 12 months. Note: This is RARELY used by
librarians. Release time is at full pay.
Not Paid
Although they can apply for time with pay, it would likely not be approved.
If it is university sponsored, it depends. The 24 days for library professional development are paid days.
They can be pay if they elect to use annual leave for any portion or all of the leave of absence.
They may used banked “sabbatical” leave for this time if they choose vacation time they have banked over the years
(must have 10 years before can bank 40 hours).
This is not a simple yes or no and will again vary based upon the purpose and length of the leave request.
Other Response
Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis as to the level of remuneration. There is no set percentage.
It depends on the research or project maximum is 3 months full pay or 6 months half pay (which allows a longer
absence while remaining in a benefits eligible status).
Librarians who are tenured faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave of one semester at half pay after a minimum of six
semesters of service, or one semester at full pay to two semesters at half pay after a minimum of twelve semesters of
service. Untenured library faculty members and librarians who are administrative/professional staff are not eligible for
sabbatical leave.
Negotiated when applied for research leave.
No, to sabbatical. Professional development leaves are considered on a case-by-case basis.
Sabbaticals up to 1 year at 67% pay, 6 months at 75% and full pay at 3 months.
See above -pay may be full or partial depending upon the length of the leave. I. Eligibility: Those who have been
employed as full-time librarians with continuing appointment status for at least six consecutive years, and who have not
had a development leave in the past six years. Leaves may begin in the seventh year of appointment or the seventh year
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