62 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The university provides funding for a number of faculty development opportunities, typically termed “fellowships,”
for which librarians who are faculty members are eligible. One of these, the Provost Fellows program, for faculty with
demonstrated potential and interest in academic administration, includes opportunities to work with the office of the
provost, the president, or the vice president for research. Appointments are up to 0.5 FTE for two semesters, with salary
savings returned to the faculty member’s department (e.g., the library).
Situation has never come up decision would be on case-by-case basis.
This has not come up.
We have not had this kind of request.
We would pay for formal programs like ARL’s RLLF.
22. Must the job-related internship take place at the home institution? N=31
Yes 3 10%
No 28 90%
If an internship is part of a university degree program requirement and is taken for course credit, tuition reduction
benefit applies.
If not possible at home institution, other institutions may be considered.
Our state consortium encourages internships at sister institutions &has a mechanism in place to facilitate them, but they
seldom occur.
23. How does your library handle librarians’ time away from their normal duties in order to participate
in internship programs that are job related? N=39
Counted as time worked 16 41%
Employee uses personal time, e.g., vacation 17 44%
Employee is allowed to make up the time 14 36%
Not allowed during normal assignment hours 8 21%
Other response 2 5%
Counted as time worked
Based on the direct relevance of the internship program with the librarian’s responsibilities release time would be given
or the librarian could negotiate for partial release time.
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