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Indiana University Bloomington
Guidelines for Disbursing the Librarians’ Support Grant Funds
Approved by the Bloomington Library Faculty Council
March 19, 1990
Amended by BLFC December 4, 1991 July 14, 1993 August 14, 1996
July 3, 2000 April 3, 2002
Operational Guidelines:
1. The Bloomington members of the IULFC Sabbatical Leaves Committee shall
constitute a Research Leave and Support Grant Funds Committee having responsibility for
recommending awards from the Librarians Support Grant funds. Awards shall support research,
professional development, and/or service. Teaching will not normally be supported, as tuition-
producing courses are supported by the unit receiving the tuition income.
2. The term of service on this committee shall be the same as the term for the Sabbatical
Leaves Committee. The Libraries’ Fiscal Officer shall be advisory to the Committee.
3. Each year that there are funds to allocate, the Ruth Lilly University Dean of University
Libraries shall inform the Committee of the amount of money available. The Committee shall
invite librarians to prepare proposals for the use of this money and establish a deadline for
receiving proposals and a calendar for reviewing them (hereinafter referred to as a funding
cycle). Depending on the availability of funds, there may be more than one funding cycle in a
calendar year. Currently there are four funding cycles, with deadlines September 15, December
15, March 15, and June 15.
4. The Committee shall review each proposal received and shall make recommendations
for the amount of funding to be authorized. It is possible for the Committee to recommend
partial funding for a proposal. The recommendations shall be delivered to the Ruth Lilly
University Dean of University Libraries for implementation. Currently, the maximum award is
5. The Committee shall be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the use made of
funds awarded in previous years, asking for reports and documentation, as needed. The
Committee shall notify the recipient of the deadline date, two years from the date of the award,
by which the grant money must be spent. The Committee shall prepare an annual report and
evaluation for BLFC.
6. Use of the grant money is restricted to the purpose(s) for which the Committee
awarded it. The Committee shall follow all University rules and regulations regarding the
allocation of these funds and the disposition of equipment as stated in the latest edition of the
University’s Research Policy Manual.
7. Any Committee member who plans to submit a proposal for funding may not serve as
a Committee member during that particular funding cycle.
8. Applicants shall be notified within one month of the funding-cycle deadline regarding
the disposition of their application. Whenever possible, applicants should submit a proposal far
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