70 Representative Documents: Orga nization Charts UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/orgchart.pdf Dean of University Li braries Library West (H&SS) Marston (Sciences) Architecture & Fine Arts Library Special & Area Studies Collections Enterprise Support Access & Resource Sharing Human Resources Facilities & Security Biomedical & Health Info Servs Web & Software Development Access Services Borland Library (Jacksonville) Effective February 23, 2018 Communications Exhibits Associate Dean Administrative Services & Faculty Affairs Associate Dean& Fackler Director, Health Science Center Libraries Digital Scholarship Fiscal Services Grants Digital Production Services Assessment Scholarly Communication Vet Med Education Center Acquisitions Interim Library Facility (ILF) Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF) Conservation & Preservation Education Library High Density Storage Facility Names in Italics Represent Interim Appointments Departmental Libraries Associate Dean Scholarly Resources & Services Associate Dean Discovery, Digital Services & Shared Collections Admin Support Library Information Technology Data Management GovDocs Cataloging Cataloging Services Development & Advancement Florida Academic Repository
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